Guidance for Homelessness Services and Community Services Providers


In response to COVID-19, The Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development will provide updates and resources most useful for our partners. This page will be updated regularly as this situation evolves. You can also join our mailing list​ to receive our Community Services Connection newsletter. We ​encourage you to also reference the following resources:​

MD Department of Health Coronavirus
Maryland Community Service Providers COVID-19 Emergency Needs Report

Section 1 - Federal Guidance

Resources from the CDC

CDC’s main resource page

Section 2 - Updates and Resources from National Partners

Section 3 – State Agency Resources

Section 4 - Regional Resources

  • Continua of Care Coordinated Entry - ​CoCs throughout the state are working with local health departments and governments to develop plans and strategies to minimize the impact of COVID-19 on households experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness. Find the CoC in your area​​.​
  • Utility Assistance for Households Experiencing Financial Hardship Related to Covid-19
    Major regional utility companies have devised plans for customer support and assistance to be sure customers are not left without services vital to maintaining their family’s health and safety. If households you serve are at risk due to disconnected utilities or unable to pay bills, we encourage providers to work with households impacted by COVID-19 and are unable to pay utility bills. Major utility companies have already put in place plans and provisions to ensure utility access is maintained for households in need and protect the public health.

Exelon companies Delmarva Power and Pepco

These providers are “suspending service disconnections and waiving new late payment charges at least until May 1 and will be working with customers on a case-by-case basis to establish payment arrangements and identify energy assistance options.” According to a press release from Delmarva Power, assistance can also include working to reconnect households that may have already been disconnected so families can be safe during the Covid-19 crisis.

WSSC Water

WSSC Water will be suspending water service disconnections and waiving late fees. They are also offering support to households on a case by case basis and customers should contact them about any account issues, such as requests to restore an already disconnected water service.​


Verizon is offering a variety of services and supports for Residential, small business and lifeline providers. These include suspension of service disconnection and late fees for households and new internet access options for low income households.

Comcast / Xfinity

Comcast Xfinity is expanding internet connection options and services for low income households and suspending disconnection of services among other supports for the community in response to COVID-19.​​​​​​​​​​​