Maryland Disaster Relief Housing Program – May 2018 Regional Flooding Events



This program provides financial assistance in a declared emergency area to a household whose primary residence was damaged or destroyed and which can demonstrate an un-met financial need to assist with repairs. ​​​​​



Households whose primary residence was damaged or destroyed by regional flooding events which occurred in May 2018 within Howard County, Baltimore County, Frederick County, Washington County and Baltimore City. Households must demonstrate ownership of primary residence, and that the home is used as a permanent, year-round dwelling. Second homes and rental units are not eligible. ​​​​​

Eligible Uses


Assistance may be used to pay the actual costs of rehabilitating or rebuilding the property (including clean up), correcting code deficiencies, elevating the structure, energy conservation, accessibility improvements for individuals with disabilities, plumbing, wells, sewer, lead hazard reduction, and other uses approved by DHCD. ​​​​​



Grants of up to $5,000 per property/household.

In addition to the limit above, grants may be limited by availability of funding, and will not exceed the total cost to rebuild or rehabilitate the home, less any Federal Emergency Management Agency recoveries, insurance proceeds, and any funds provided by other sources (i.e. MEMA, SBA, etc.). ​​​​​



Grants available for payment or reimbursement of expenses that are appropriately documented and which are demonstrated to be unmet by other sources. ​​​​​

The property must meet all applicable building codes and minimum housing quality standards for safety and livability. ​​​​​

Income Limits


None. ​​​​​



Applicants will be required to provide documentation outlined in the application form provided by DHCD, as well as any follow-up information necessary to determine eligibility and need. Applicants will be required to make every effort to substantiate losses by providing receipts, contracts or other means, as well as evidence of denial or insufficiency of funds from insurance, FEMA, SBA and other sources. Applicants must maintain documentation for audit purposes and examination of DHCD and other State of Maryland officials. Failure to produce adequate documentation for audit may result in referral for collection of disbursed grant funds. ​​​​​



Applications must be received by October 31, 2018 ​​​​​

For Application Form and Questions, contact:


Keith Ashford
Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development