Initial Steps to Obtain a Loan

Maryland Home Financing Program

  1. Contact a housing counseling agency. Refer to the list of counseling agencies for one in your area. A counseling certificate must be received prior to the execution of a contract of sale.
  2. Contact the appropriate person (refer to the contact list) to request a prequalification letter. If you are eligible for an Homeownership for Individuals with Disabilities Program loan, the prequalification letter will provide you with the maximum purchase price you can afford.
  3. Enter into a contract of sale on an eligible property (newly constructed homes must be in a Priority Funding Area) preferably with the assistance of a realtor and using the prequalification letter as a reference.
  4. Set up a meeting to complete an application with the appropriate organization (refer to the contact list ).
  5. The loan packager will do a preliminary review of the borrower's eligibility and reserve funds for the loan.

More Information

CONTACT: Single Family Housing
Community Development Administration
Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development
7800 Harkins Road, Lanham, MD 20706​
E: ​
P: 301-429-7852
Toll Free (Maryland Only): 800-638-7781