Maryland Rural Broadband


The Office of Rural Broadband’s mission is to ensure that every rural Marylander has access to broadband services, regardless of their zip code. Through partnerships with local jurisdictions and the private sector, the Office offers funding and technical assistance to help entities qualify for federal financing opportunities.  The Office also has initiated a broadband funding structure through the Local Government Infrastructure Financing (LGIF) program at the DHCD to complement other funding sources.  Through these efforts, Maryland will reduce, and eventually eliminate rural communities and residents being underserved by the current internet infrastructure.

Funding Opportunities

Request for Interest: Assistance for Broadband Expansion Pilot Projects This program offers grants of up to $200,000 to Local Jurisdictions for 50% of the construction costs related to an ISP extending service to unserved households. The ISP would partner with the Local Jurisdiction and use their existing network to provide service. A 100% match is required for this grant opportunity. Applications are due January 7, 2020. Please note the due date. It was shown incorrectly on the website earlier.

Request for Interest: Federal Funding Application Assistance This program offers 100% grants to Local Jurisdictions or their ISP partner for the cost associated with Federal Funding Applications. The grant may pay for the cost of market studies, engineering, legal financial and other approved services provided by outside consultants necessary for a Federal Funding Application preparation. Applications are due December 15, 2019.

Application for Broadband Infrastructure Network Buildout Program This program will offer grants of between $1 Million and $3 Million to Local Jurisdictions or their ISP partner to construct new broadband networks to service unserved, rural households. The grant may pay for up to 50% of the capital construction costs associated with providing service to unserved, rural homes and businesses. A 100% match is required for this grant opportunity, with some exceptions. Applications are due February 21, 2020 and a letter of intent to apply is due December 23, 2019.

Please note, the email address for submission of RFI responses has been changed to​. If you downloaded the RFI package prior to October 21, 2019 it contains the incorrect email address.

More information:

Kenrick M. Gordon, Director
Governor's Office of Rural Broadband