Help for Renters

The “Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act”, provides most renters with certain rights during foreclosure, namely, that most leases will survive foreclosure and the foreclosure sale purchaser becomes the new landlord. Most renters have the right to continue renting the property for the rest of their lease term, or at least to receive a 90-day notice to vacate after the foreclosure process is complete. You should seek legal advice to determine whether you have these legal rights under the new law. In the meantime, continue to pay your rent. Be certain to continue opening all mail addressed to “Occupant”, “Resident” or “Tenant”, as these notices are intended for you.

Facing Eviction or Need Advice on your Rights as a Tenant

Public Justice Center 410-625-9409
Allegany Law 301-722-3390
Allegany County
Montgomery Bar Association 301-424-3454
Montgomery County
Community Legal Services 240-391-6370
Prince George’s County

If you are in need of emergency housing or assistance through social services, please call the United Way/First Call for Help Hotline at 211 in most areas or:

Resources for Renters in Foreclosure

Find a New Apartment – a free service sponsored by the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development that lists rental properties throughout the state of Maryland.​​​​