Cambridge Community Engagement Center

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​​​The Community Engagement Center (CEC) in Cambridge, Maryland is dedicated to creating partnerships with local residents, nonprofits, and community stakeholders to provide opportunities and programs that empower holistic enrichment, education, and growth. The center will work to build awareness, understanding, and trust between community nonprofits and residents with the goal to be the premier resource in the region for households seeking stability, growth, and self-sufficiency.

The Community Engagement Center will provide a dedicated space for a number of programs to help local residents, including:

  • Holistic community health - The center will address health challenges in the community for both youth/family and senior populations with a focus on issues identified by the community including stress management, mental health, self-defense, and fitness.
  • Workforce development and education - The center will provide continuing education programs in the medical field, labor/construction basic education, farming certifications, and landscaping certification and training. The center will also offer programming, application information, and financial assistance guidance for local community colleges, as well as general financial literacy and empowerment training.
  • Youth advancement and opportunity - The center will provide opportunities in animation, podcast recording for youth, mentoring, and will partner with community organizations to give new opportunities for growth and experiences across many fields.
  • Agricultural/environmental education and sustainability - The center will provide formal and informal education to preserve and strengthen Maryland’s agricultural industry with programs relative to the Midshore, including farming, food safety, and public policy from a legal perspective.

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Family Self Sufficiency Program

This program’s goal is to help Housing Voucher participants achieve higher education, improve employment status, and guide them onto a path of self -sufficiency.

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CONTACT: Christina Eismann ​
Community Engagement Center Director ​
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