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​Homeownership and Renting

The Maryland Department of Housing and Community Developmen​t has programs to assist homebuyers, homeowners, and renters. For homebuyers, we offer mortgages and downpayment assistance to help your family achieve the American dream of homeownership. For homeow​ners, we provide loans and grants for home repairs and energy efficiency improvements, as well as​ resources for those at risk for foreclosure. For renters, we provide an online apartment locator highlighting affordable units and access to programs for monthly rental subsidies. Whether it’s homeownership or renting, the department wants to help you find, improve and stay in your home.

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​Homeownership and Renting​ Solutions

Independent Living Tax Credit

Learn how to apply for the new Maryland state income tax credit available to residents who are renovating their home to make it more accessible​.
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Finding Affordable Rental Housing

An online housing locator service allows people to locate available housing that best fits their individual and family needs.
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Home Repairs and Energy Efficiency Improvements

Affordable loan programs and services to improve accessibility and home safety and save money on energy bills. ​
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Preventing Foreclosure​

Information and Housing Counseling services for homeowners struggling with their mortgage.
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