Resources for Residential Housing Partners

​​​​​​​Homeownership Education and Counseling

Common Ownership Communities

  • ​In Maryland, common ownership communities include Homeowners Associations (HOAs), Condominiums, and Housing Cooperatives (Co-ops).
  • The House Bill 0844 page​ provides information on the rights and responsibilities of individuals living in a common ownership community.

Single Family Insurance

Single Family Operations

Amendments To the Department Servicing Manual​

Rental Security Deposit Calculator

The Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development provides this customized calculator that determines the interest due on a security deposit by allowing a user to enter a start date (the date on which the security depos​it was given to the landlord), a tenancy end date, the county in which the residence is located, and the amount of the security deposit. Note that all inputs must be included to generate a result.

Section 8 Local Administering Agencies - Reporting Forms

Housing Choice Voucher Program

Moderate Rehabilitation Program​