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Amendments to Policies for the Use of State Home Funds FFY 2019

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic HUD has issued several Waivers and Suspension to HOME Program Requirements. Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development will be implementing several of these waivers and suspensions.

As a result of these waivers and suspensions the following amendments are being made to the FFY 2019 Polices for the Use of State HOME Funds.

​The HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME) is a federal program that provides funds to the State and certain local governments to promote affordable housing activities​. Maryland's program is administered by the Community Development Administration Development and a portion of the annual allocation is used in conjunction with existing Community Development Administration Development, Homeownership, and Special Loan Programs.

Eligible Types of Projects

HOME funds may be used to finance the construction, acquisition, and rehabilitation of rental housing, owner-occupied housing, and special needs housing such as group homes. For HOME funds used in conjunction with Community Development Administration programs, projects must meet the eligibility criteria for the Community Development Administration program as well as the HOME Eligibility criteria.

Eligible Applicants

Nonprofit organizations, local governments, local housing agencies and State government agencies are eligible to apply for HOME funds.

Eligible Residents

For rental housing units, HOME funds are targeted to residents with incomes that do not exceed 50 percent of area median household income, adjusted for household size and determined annually by HUD. For owner-occupied units, HOME funds are targeted to those with incomes at or below 55 percent of the area median household income, adjusted for household size and determined annually by HUD. The number of units restricted for income purposes will generally be equal to the number of units determined by dividing the HOME funds by the total cost of the project and multiplying the result times the total units in the project. The Community Development Administration may approve a lesser number of restricted units at these income levels if the lesser number is needed for financial viability of the project.

Terms of HOME Funds

Generally, HOME funds are provided as zero interest deferred loans, but may be provided as grants under certain limited circumstances as well as amortized loans. Loans require equity sharing with the Community Development Administration in the event the project is sold or no longer provides low- income housing. Loan terms range from 20 to 40 years depending on the type of housing financed. The maximum amount of assistance to a single project or activity generally will not exceed the amount needed to make the project viable and to comply with any federal HOME regulations.​

More Information

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Community Development Administration
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P: 301-429-7797
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