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Notice 23-011/11/20232022 Multifamily Relief Funds Awards
Notice 22-2011/4/2022Multifamily Capital Fund Initiative FAQs and 2023 Qualified Allocation Plan and Multifamily Rental Financing Program Guide Revision -- Update and Schedule for Listening Sessions
Notice 22-1910/28/2022Multifamily Capital Fund Initiative Application Open
Notice 22-189/27/2022Spring 2022 Competitive Funding Round Awards
Notice 22-179/16/2022Assisted Housing Relief Program Update
Notice 22-169/6/2022Section 3 Final Rule Question & Answer Session
Notice 22-157/20/20222021 End of Year (EOY) Reporting Updates
Notice 22-147/15/2022Request for Proposals: Emerging Developers Pre-development Loans
Notice 22-137/6/2022Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program Income and Rent Limits
Notice 22-126/29/2022Development and Construction Relief Application Open
Notice 22-115/9/20222022 Competitive Funding Round Update
Notice 22-104/27/2022Multifamily Financing Program Updates
Notice 22-094/25/2022End of Year (EOY) Reporting – Portal Opens on May 15, 2022. Data Submission due not later than July 15, 2022
Notice 22-084/21/20222022 Competitive Round Update – Interest Rate
Notice 22-074/12/2022LIHTC Training Event at BWI Marriott on May 19, 2022
Notice 22-064/11/20222022 Competitive Round Update – LIHTC Round Funding, Frequently  Asked Questions, and Forms
Notice 22-052/22/2022Updated Application Submission Kit
Notice 22-042/8/2022Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP) and Multifamily Rental Financing Program Guide (Guide) – Effective Date
Notice 22-032/7/2022State HOME-ARP Funding – Stakeholder Listening Session
Notice 22-021/11/2022Assisted Housing Relief Program Update – Requests by Calendar Year
Notice 22-0112/3/20212022 Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP) and Multifamily Rental Financing Program Guide (Guide) - Public Hearing and Comment

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