DHCD Multifamily Program Fees

The PDF linked below sets forth fees and deposits required by the Department in connection with: loan applications; loan closing and servicing; bond loan credit enhancement and insurance; low income housing tax credits; and post-closing monitoring and asset management for loans and low income housing tax credits. The fees and deposits vary by the type of financing as provided under each chart heading.

The fees set forth in the PDF linked below are for all projects, regardless of the status of the financing application. All fees are subject to change at the discretion of the Department, and any such changes will be posted on the Department’s website, along with the effective date of the change. The Department reserves the right to charge additional fees or require additional deposits in connection with new financing initiatives or new financing structures. Any such additional fees or deposits will be posted on the Department website.

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DHCD Multifamily Program Fees - Effective as of June 25, 2020
Partnership Rental Housing Program Fees - Effective as of June 25, 2020​
Multifamily Bond Program Fees - Effective as of June 25, 2020​