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Maryland Internet Speed Test Survey

The state of Maryland has launched the "SpeedSurvey" website​. Residents can visit to test the speed of their internet connection on computers, tablets and smartphones or to report an address that does not have service.

We encourage every Marylander to take part in the SpeedSurvey. The data we obtain from the survey will help us better understand Marylanders' needs as well as verify Federal Communications Commission data which will help our planning efforts and ultimately drive more federal dollars to the state.

The Office of Statewide Broadband’s mission is to ensure that every Marylander has access to broadband services, regardless of their zip code. Through partnerships with local jurisdictions and the private sector, the Office offers funding and technical assistance to help entities qualify for federal financing opportunities. The Office also has a broadband funding structure through the Local Government Infrastructure Financing (LGIF) program at the DHCD to assist Local Jurisdictions and ISPs in expanding broadband service. Through these efforts, Maryland will reduce, and eventually eliminate rural communities and residents being underserved by the current internet infrastructure​.

Funding Opportunities

Maryland Emergency Broadband Benefit Program
This program will provide a subsidy up to $15/month against a low-income household's internet service cost. This subsidy is in addition to the $50 per month provided by the Federal EBB program; meaning eligible consumers can obtain a total benefit of $65 discount each month. Households must be enrolled in the Federal EBB program​ to receive this benefit.

The subsidy will be paid directly to the Internet Service Provider who will reduce the household’s monthly bill

More information:

Ronnie K. Hammond, Program Manager
Digital Equity & Inclusion
Office of Statewide Broadband

Request for Interest: Federal Funding Application Assistance
This program offers 100% grants to Local Jurisdictions or their ISP partner for the costs associated with Federal Funding Applications. The grant may pay for the cost of market studies, engineering, legal financial and other approved services provided by outside consultants necessary for a Federal Funding Application preparation.

This program has no application window. Interested applicants should contact the Office to discuss their project and determine if an application can be funded.

Request for Interest in Assistance for Broadband Expansion for Unserved Rural Areas: Federal Application Assistance

Neighborhood Connect Broadband Grant Program
This program provides funding to local jurisdictions and their ISP partners to extend existing broadband service to unserved areas. The local jurisdiction is the applicant and fiscal agent and works with their ISP partner to develop the project and apply for funding. The program provides grants of between $50,000 and $500,000 to pay for at least 70% and up to 90% of the capital construction costs of the project. The program requires a cash or in-kind match of between 10% and 30% of the capital construction costs depending on the project being funded. The local jurisdiction or the ISP may own the assets being funded.

  • Applications for funding will be accepted through December 23, 2021.
  • At least $13 million is available for this program.
  • The funding source for the program is the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 and all federal rules required of the funding apply to the program.

FY22 Neighborhood Connect Broadband Funding Program Application Package
FY22 Neighborhood Connect Broadband Funding Program Application Form​
FY22 Neighborhood Connect Broadband Funding Program Capital Budget
FY22 Neighborhood Connect Broadband Funding Program MOU
Exhibit D - Template for ISP Certification for Exemption​​

Broadband Network Infrastructure Grant Program This program will offer grants of between $1 Million and $3 Million to Local Jurisdictions or their ISP partner to construct new broadband networks to service unserved, rural households. The grant may pay for up to 50% of the capital construction costs associated with providing service to unserved, rural homes and businesses. A 100% match is required for this grant opportunity, with some exceptions​​.

The application window has closed, check back to see when the FY22 window will open.

More information:

Kenrick M. Gordon, Director
Office of Statewide Broadband