Community Resources

The State of Maryland is providing programs aimed at bridging the gap for consumers to help reduce, and eventually eliminate, the number of Marylanders that are unable to have access to affordable broadband connectivity.

Maryland Emergency Broadband Benefit Program

Since 2021, this program has provided a subsidy up to $15 per month off of a lower-income household's internet service cost. This subsidy was in addition to the $30 per month provided by the Federal ACP program. This program has closed as of February 29, 2024.

Consumers should speak directly with their internet service providers to adjust their internet service plan as needed.

Participating Internet Service Providers

To learn more, please view additional information about the ACP and Maryland Emergency Broadband Benefit Wind Down​.

Maryland SpeedSurvey

We encourage every Maryl​ander to take part in the SpeedSurvey​. The data we obtain from the survey will help us better understand Marylanders' needs as well as verify Federal Communications Commission data which will help our planning efforts to address internet access for all Marylanders.


Broadband POCs by jurisdiction​​