Data Dashboard and Maps

Data Dashboard

The Office of Statewide Broadband's​ mission is to ensure that every Marylander has equal access and the necessary skills to leverage digital resources, technologies, and opportunities regardless of their resources, background location or abilities. This dashboard illustrates and outlines funds allocated to new infrastructure, expansion, and digital equity.

This dashboard gives Marylanders a visual representation of allocated state funds, partnered with private sector and local jurisdictions, utilized to reduce and eventually eliminate the number of communities and residents underserved by the current digital divide.

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Broadband Hub

The Broadband Hub provides access to mapping viewers, supports broadband planning and decision-making, and links resources for Maryland residents and broadband providers. This resource may be used to learn about how Maryland is analyzing data and existing broadband services to plan for increased service and broadband expansion.

  • Maryland Broadband Explorer allows the user to search for broadband service at a specific address. The name of the provider available in your area is shown.
  • Data Collection Compare Tool allows users to compare the difference between Maryland Broadband Data Collection and FCC Broadband Data Collection.
  • Grant Awards Dashboard displays the Office of Statewide Broadband’s awards.

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