Affordable Connectivity Program & Maryland Emergency Broadband Benefit Wind Down

In 2021, the Office of Statewide Broadband established the Maryland Emergency Broadband Benefit (“MEBB”) using $45 million in American Rescue Plan Act funding appropriated to provide a $15 Internet subsidy to connect eligible households. Any household that received the federal Emergency Broadband Benefit, subsequently the Affordable Connectivity Program (“ACP”), qualified for up to $15 off of their monthly Internet cost. The MEBB operated in addition to the $30 federal ACP.

Since 2021, over 200,000 households have benefitted from the $15 MEBB subsidy. As of February 29, 2024, this program has closed due to a lack of additional funding to sustain continued claims from participating Internet Service Providers. Internet Service Providers enrolled in the MEBB Program were informed to send notice of the program’s end to their respective participating consumers prior to this date.

As of February 7, 2024, enrollments in the federal Affordable Connectivity Program have frozen. The Federal Communications Commission designated April 2024 as the last month consumers will receive a full $30 benefit. For more information on the ACP Wind Down, you may view the FCC’s ACP​ resources​.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the MEBB still continuing? Are there any other Internet benefit programs to replace it?

The MEBB program has concluded. Currently, there is no other Internet subsidy from the State of Maryland that replaces it as of March 2024. If you receive any emails, calls, or see anything to the contrary please report this to as it is likely a scam.   

Who may I contact with questions or comments about the end of MEBB?

If you were the recipient of the MEBB subsidy and have questions, concerns, or general comments you wish to provide, you may send them in e-mail to If you represent an organization that helped Maryland residents enroll in the ACP and MEBB program, you may also share feedback and/or client questions with the OSB.   

Which Internet Service Providers received MEBB funding?

For a list of all ISPs that participated in this program, you may view the list of participating ISPs​. This list also includes those participating in the Affordable Connectivity Program (“ACP”).   

If I received the MEBB or ACP and its subsidy no longer applies to my monthly bill, do I have to continue using the same Internet Plan?

Per FCC ACP guidelines, you are not required to stay on the same plan. You may cancel whichever plan you were on during the benefit period and choose another broadband service option and/or another provider.    

Is there a list of affordable Internet plans?

While OSB does not maintain an official list of affordable Internet plans, you may visit the ISP’s website to review plan options or give them a call on their consumer support number. You may view the website and call number on the list of participating ISPs.