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​​​​​​Participation as an Eligible Contractor for the BeSMART Program

The Department of Housing and Community Development welcomes all contractors who meet the necessary eligibility criteria to participate in the BeSMART program for residential and small commercial projects. Eligible contractors for the program will provide a high quality of work, a commitment to customer service, and demonstrate financial stability and personal integrity.

Details on the eligibility criteria required for program participation are provided in the Contractor Application document below, as well as in the document entitled “How to Become an Eligible Contractor.”​​​​

Contractors interested in auditing large commercial projects (greater than 6,000 square feet) and multifamily projects through BeSMART must be certified by the Residential Energy Services Network, and/or the Building Performance Institute, and must also demonstrate a minimum of two (2) years experience completing energy audits/studies on multifamily residential buildings. The contractor may also qualify by documenting sufficient energy audit experience in multifamily or commercial buildings. Questions regarding how to become an eligible auditor or contractor for a BeSMART Multifamily or large (greater than 6,000 square feet) BeSMART Business project should be directed to Julia Kalloz ( or 301-429-7795).

For contractors interested in participating in the BeSMART Home and BeSMART Business* programs, information on eligibility, how to apply, and application documents are below. After a contractor’s application has been submitted, reviewed and approved for eligibility, participating contractors will be listed on the BeSMART website.

Contractors interested in participating in BeSMART Business projects larger than 6,000 square feet should see the above note on large commercial and multifamily projects. Contractors interested in participating in BeSMART Business projects smaller than 6,000 square feet should refer to the information below.

Program Guidance for Network Partners and Contractors


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