Maryland Homeowner Assistance Fund Program Overview

​​​Program O​verview​

The Maryland Homeowner Assistance Fund can help homeowners struggling with their mortgage payments or other housing costs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This financial assistance will be i​n cooperation with the loss mitigation tools that will be provided by mortgage s​ervicers.

The program will create a long-term sustainable and affordable mortgage as opposed to short-term assistance without a clear outcome. The fund offers two types of financial assistance:

Maryland Homeowner Assistance Fund Factsheet

Maryland Homeowner Assistance Fund Loan

Designed to offer a one-time payment of a delinquent mortgage amount and/or additional funds to facilitate a principal curtailment or rate reduction to right size ongoing mortgage payments to levels affordable to the homeowner.

Most mortgage servicers will work with their borrowers who are exiting forbearance or are in default. Servicers will generally utilize standardized loss mitigation strategies to lower monthly borrower obligations by 20%. The Homeowner Assistance Fund Mortgage Loan expands the servicers ability to help the homeowner avoid foreclosure or displacement for the long-term. This assistance will create mortgage payments that are sustainable to the homeowner’s “new normal.”


  • Eligible financial hardship after January 21, 2020
  • 150% of area median income
  • Maryland homeowners
  • Home owners residing in their primary residence
  • Homeowners by evidence by the deed of trust


  • Recorded lien
  • $30,000 Maximum Loan Amount
  • 0% interest
  • Deferred payments for the life of the first mortgage
  • Payment due in full when the first mortgage ends (repayment, refinance, transfer, sale)
  • Repayment is subject to review and the department may, based on homebuyer situation and needs at the time of repayment:
    • Require payment in full
    • Establish a payment plan
    • Allow full or partial forgiveness

Maryland Homeowner Assistance Fund Loan Factsheet

Maryland Homeowner Assistance Fund Grant

Designed to avoid imminent displacement (within 90-days) due to, but not limited to tax delinquency, chattel loan or land lease delinquency; homeowners association fee / condominium association fee delinquency; mortgage delinquency.


  • Eligible financial hardship after January 21, 2020
  • 100% of AMI
  • Maryland homeowners
  • Homeowners residing in their primary residence
  • Homeowners by evidence by the deed of trust


  • Grant – no instrument recorded
  • Maximum assistance - $10,000

​Maryland Homeowner Assistance Fund Grant Factsheet​

Maryland Homeowner Assistance Fund Draft Plan

The department created a draft plan for the Homeowner Assistance Fund in response to the U.S. Treasury's guidance​ from April that required that a plan be submitted and contain responses to certain topics. This plan was used to inform the department’s submission to the U.S. Treasury via their application portal on July 30, 2021. See DRAFT Homeowner Assistance Fund Plan​.

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