Neighborhood Housing Services

Neighborhood Housing Services  corporations partner with residents, financial institutions, community organizations, local governments and the State to stabilize and improve the housing market in targeted low- and moderate-income neighborhoods. Through matching grants, Maryland supports a portion of the operating costs of three Neighborhood Housing Services (NHS) corporations, each of which has been certified by the Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation: NHS of Baltimore, Inc. ; St. Ambrose Housing Aid Center, and Salisbury NHS, Inc.


Neighborhood Housing Services corporations that are approved and certified by the Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation are eligible applicants. There are four certified Neighborhood Housing Services corporations in Maryland: Neighborhood Housing Services of Baltimore, Inc., Cumberland Neighborhood Housing Services, Inc., Salisbury Neighborhood Housing Service, Inc., and Montgomery Housing Partnership Inc.

In order to be certified by the Federal government, a local government must agree to financially support the local Neighborhood Housing Services Corporation  and to participate on its board of directors. The Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development staff also serves on these local boards.


The Neighborhood Housing Servicescorporations operate programs to provide homeownership opportunities to low and moderate income persons through closing cost assistance and homebuyer education and counseling services. Neighborhood Housing Services corporations also rehabilitate homes for ownership and rental and provide funding to homeowners to rehabilitate their homes. In addition, Neighborhood Housing Services implements community-organizing activities.


The primary beneficiaries of Neighborhood Housing Services programs are low and moderate-income households who reside in the neighborhoods served. The Baltimore Neighborhood Housing Services serves several neighborhoods in the Irvington, Coppin Heights and Patterson Park areas of Baltimore City as well as neighborhoods in the Greater Hillendale area of Baltimore County. The Cumberland Neighborhood Housing Services serves residents in all of the city's neighborhoods. The Salisbury Neighborhood Housing Services serves residents in the West Side, Church Street and Camden neighborhoods.


Each Neighborhood Housing Services corporation is awarded a yearly grant of up to one-third of its operating budget and a program administered by an NHS corporation may receive funding of up to one-third of the program’s operating budget. The state grant is matched by funds from local governments, private businesses and individual contributions.


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