Catalytic Revitalization Tax Credit Notice of Funding Availability

​​​​​​The Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development is pleased to announce availability of the Catalytic Revitalization Tax Credit, a credit of up to $15 million. The purpose of the credit is to rehabilitate certain eligible properties formerly owned by the State or federal governments​, for the purposes of driving economic and community development. This credit is authorized under §6–901 of the Housing and Community Development Article of the Laws of Maryland.

Eligible Applicants

To be eligible to apply for the Catalytic Revitalization Tax Credit, a business (without regard to its for profit or non profit status) must be in good standing with the State of Maryland and eligible to receive a public benefit.

Eligible Project

An eligible project must be a formerly State or federally-owned college or university, K-12 school, hospital, mental health facility, or military facility or installation, and may no longer be in service. The rehabilitation of the property must foster economic, housing, and community development in the community in which it is located, and a successful application should have an emphasis on affordable housing​.


As of 5:00pm on November 16, 2022, the application period is closed​.

2022 Catalytic Revitalization Tax Credit Application

Previous Application Rounds

Catalytic Revitalization Tax Credit Application​​


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