Guidelines for Mortgages Affected by COVID-19

​​ Guidelines for Mortgages Affected by COVID-19  

If you suspect you may have trouble making mortgage payments, due to the financial impacts of COVID-19, be proactive. Reach out to your mortgage servicer (the company that processes your monthly mortgage payment) and explain your current situation to them.

To be connected to housing counseling and legal services, call 1-877-462-7555 or see Participating Housing Counseling and Legal Services Agencies​​ to find an agency that can work with you to access relief.​​

Are you struggling to keep up with your mortgage payments or other housing costs due to COVID-19 related financial hardships? The Maryland Homeowner Assistance Fund may be able to help.​​​

Maryland Mortgage Program’s loan servicer contact information and COVID-19 specific links:

  1. Bank of America, contact them at 1-800-669-6607
  2. U.S. Bank, contact them at 1-888-287-7817
  3. Dovenmuehle, Inc., contact them at 877-330-4064
  4. AmeriNat, contact them at 1-800-943-1988, or email

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