Help for Homeowners

Mortgage Late? Don’t Wait! Call the HOPE Hotline 877-462-7555 as soon as you start having any trouble with paying for your ​home.


Housing Counseling Agencies are available around the state of Maryland to assist homeowners who are dealing with a potential foreclosure. The Counseling page includes the contact information for the nonprofit agencies in the HOPE Network that are located near you.


This page includes critical information about foreclosure mediation including what is mediation, who is involved during the process, what a homeowner needs to know about mediation as well as key details that are very important to remember. Phone numbers and locations are listed for the nonprofit legal servicers that provide foreclosure prevention legal services to homeowners.

Attorney’s General Mortgage Servicing Settlement

The record breaking agreement between the Maryland Attorney General’s Office and the country’s five largest loan providers is explained in terms of which individuals are eligible for assistance and the different forms of assistance available. Attorney’s General Mortgage Servicing Settlement​​This page provides a summary of the benefits, facts and general information are available to view about the Attorney General’s Mortgage Settlement.

Avoid Fraud

The Avoid Fraud page is available for homeowners to read about how to avoid the several scams that exist during the mortgage process. The time during a homeowner’s foreclosure presents the perfect opportunity for fraud and scam to happen. Individuals on this page can view documents about how to avoid potential fraud as well as how to report a case if an individual unfortunately gets scammed during their foreclosure process.

Homeowners' Resources