Ellicott City Recovery

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Programs Available for Ellicott City Flood Disaster

As part of the State of Maryland’s response to the recent flooding in Ellicott City, the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development offers a number of programs that may assist impacted households and business owners. As part of this effort, current, outstanding applications previously submitted by Ellicott City for state assistance could be altered to increase funding or provide additional flexibility to assist the City.

The City has requested funding for façade improvement through the Community Legacy Program, and the Department will work with the City in order to increase funding based on damage assessments. The Department will also extend Ellicott City’s application deadline for the Strategic Demolition Fund to enable assistance if needed for this program.

Specific information on Community Legacy, the Strategic Demolition Fund, and other Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development programs follows below.


​WholeHo​me (Maryland Housing Rehabilitation Program)

This program provides low interest rate financing to low- and moderate-income homeowners or to landlords with one to four unit rental properties in order to rehabilitate their dwelling or rental unit. Homeowners and tenants must meet eligibility requirements of 80% state-wide income. If this is a rental property, the owner must agree to recorded covenants restricting the rental unit usage.​
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DHCD Contact

Jack Daniels
P: 301-429-7802
E: jack.daniels2@maryland.gov 

Maryland Disaster Housing Assistance Program (MDHAP)

This program is a resource for short-term, emergency rental assistance for families or individuals displaced by a natural disaster as identified by MEMA of DHR. MDHAP will pay the owner the advertised rent or 100% of the fair market, whichever is less. The term of the voucher is 90 days, extensions will be considered if the home is not ready for occupancy at the end of 90 days. 

Download the MD​HAP Tenant Participation Fact Sheet 

DHCD Contact

Gregory Hare
P: 301-429-7775
E: gregory.hare@maryland.gov 

Community Legacy

The Community Legacy program is a flexible source of grant and loan funding for revitalization of targeted areas; Downtown Ellicott City is eligible for these awards. Recent awards in Ellicott City include grants for storefront improvements and street furniture. The eligible applicant is Howard County or a local nonprofit development organization.
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DHCD Contact

Jessica Argueta
P: 410-209-5848
E: jessica.argueta@maryland.gov 

Strategic Demolition Fund

The Strategic Demolition Fund is used by local governments and nonprofit community development organizations for a range of predevelopment activities, including removal of unsafe structures, demolition of obsolete structures, site acquisition and land assembly, infrastructure improvements, site development and architectural and engineering services. Eligible applicants are local governments and local nonprofit development organizations.
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DHCD Contact

Jessica Argueta
P: 410-209-5848
E: jessica.argueta@maryland.gov 

Main Street Maryland

Ellicott City is one of Maryland's 28 designated historic Main Streets, and is, therefore, able to participate in quarterly trainings as well as participate in the above two grant programs as well as the Main Street Improvement Program, which provides a range of small grants for local revitalization projects. Eligible applicants are local governments and local nonprofit development organizations.
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DHCD Contact

Christine McPherson​
P: 410-209-5802
​E: christine.mcpherson@maryland.gov