Local Government Infrastructure Financing

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Project Myersville Fire Station and Community Center: Myersville received over 3 million construction loan.

Maryland counties and municipalities c​an apply for a cost effective way to finance public purpose capital projects through the Department of Housing and Community Development; enabling the delivery of essential​ services to support communities and the people they serve.

Local Government Infra​structure Financing Solutions

Project Takoma Park Community Center: Takoma Park received over 4.5 million construction loan.​

Dome Covers for Water Plant

The City of Frostburg received bond proceeds of $1.4 million to install dome covers for the water plant in an effort to protect and safeguard the public water supply from airborne contaminates.

St. Mary's County Water and Sewer System Improvements

The St. Mary's Metropolitan Commission has participated in the Program on nine (9) separate occasions, securing capital to fund numerous projects that support its water and sewer utility systems, including the renovation/construction of several water storage tanks.​

Laurel Park Stage Construction

The City of Laurel has participated in the Program on four (4) separate occasions, securing capital to fund facility improvements including the construction of a public park stage venue.

​How Local Government Financing Works​

Learn how you can get financing for your municipal ​projects