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​​​​​​​​​The Maryland General Assembly created the Maryland Affordable Housing Trust in 1992 to make affordable housing more available throughout the State of Maryland. The Trust is governed by a Board of Trustees and staffed by the Maryland ​Department of Housing and Community Development. A portion of the interest generated by title company escrow provides the funding for the Maryland Affordable Housing Trust.​

June​ 2024 Public Meeting​ Notice

Applicable Laws and Regulations

The law and regulations governing of the Maryland Affordable Housing Trust are found in:

  • The Housing and Community Development Article, §§10-101 - 10-301, of the Annotated Code of Maryland, as amended;
  • Insurance Article Section 22-103 of the Annotated Code of Maryland; and
  • Code of Maryland Regulations

Program Activities

The Maryland Affordable Housing Trust promotes affordable housing for households earning less than 50% of area or Statewide median income by:

  • Funding capital costs of rental and ownership housing;
  • Providing financial assistance for nonprofit-developer capacity building;
  • Funding supportive services for occupants of affordable housing; and
  • Funding operating expenses of affordable housing developments.

The Maryland Affordable Housing Trust does not provide:

  • Direct rental assistance to tenants;
  • Capacity building assistance that is not related to a specific housing development; or
  • Purchase of grantee personal property, such as office furniture or equipment.

Funds Availability

The maximum award amount is $75,000.

Financing Terms

Although the Maryland Affordable Housing Trust reserves the right to make its funding available as interest-bearing loans, funding for project-specific capacity building, operating expenses and support services are generally made as grants. Funding for capital costs are offered as deferred-payment loans or recoverable grants payable if the project is sold and/or ceases to be used for low-income occupancy. Pre-development awards are generally repayable.

Eligible Applicants

  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Public housing authorities
  • Government agencies
  • Profit-motivated entities

Selection Criteria

While all activities funded by the Maryland Affordable Housing Trust generally serve residents with incomes of less than 50% of statewide or area median, whichever is higher, preference is given to projects that serve households with incomes of less than 30% of median.

Projects that meet the following criteria will be most competitive:

  • Target very low-income persons
  • Provide housing for families with minor children and/or single adults in Single Room Occupancy units;
  • Demonstrate project readiness and feasibility;
  • Project long-term affordability (for capital projects);
  • Demonstrate need /demand for housing in geographic area and helps achieve equitable geographic distribution of Maryland Affordable Housing Trust funds;
  • Leverage other funds and/or provide the final piece in a financing package; and
  • Provide self-sufficiency services.

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CONTACT: Kecia Campbell, Program Administrator
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